Our Lawn Mowing Services


Basic mowing - yeah, we got that. But, it takes more than pushing a mower to create a lush and durable carpet of grass. Our care program includes all of the following services:

→ Grass Cutting with professionally maintained and heavy duty equipment. We'll have it set to the optimal length based on your use and season growing conditions.

→ We bag and remove all clippings, and blow your walkway clean.

We make certain that our gear is in tip-top shape and our blades are sharp. A dull cutting edge causes the top edge of the blade of grass to be torn and not cleanly cut. This increases the amount of freshly exposed surface area of the inside of the blade. The grass blade is now more volunerable to disease, stress and insect attack. It wouldn't matter much if it was one blade out of millions, but when it's all of them, you'll have a bigger problem on your hands (and under your feet). A sharp cutting blade is your lawn's best friend next to us.

Properly mowed lawns will have fewer weeds, better stress and drought tolerance, and better moisture retention. Your lawn should be mowed frequently enough so that no more than one third of the blade length is removed during any one mowing.

Our prices are affordable and since you don't need a contract, you can call us for the season, or just while you're on vacation. Call now for a free estimate.