Weed and Feed

Fertilization Program

If you already have a great looking lawn, we can help keep it that way. If instead you couldn't tell the difference between a patch of dirt and a patch of your grass, then call us to get to the root of the problem. Our very successful 6 step program will keep a great looking lawn looking, well, great and make an awful looking lawn look like the one you always wanted.


Here are the steps we take to put a beautiful lawn under your feet:


StepBenefits of Each Application
1. SpringA fertilizer to replenish depleted nutrients from Spring green-up and winter stress. Pre-emergent crabgrass control and weed control are also applied.
2. Late SpringA pre-emergent crabgrass control to add a second barrier of protection and broadleaf weed control for emerging weeds. Along with fertilizer to rebuild the food reserve and improve color and density.
3. SummerA fertilizer to rebuild the food reserve and improve color and density. We'll also treat emerging weeds throughout the lawn.
4. Late SummerA fertilizer that is specially blended to build a strong root system, along with broadleaf weed control.
5. FallEarly fall fertilizer with iron specifically blended to help your lawn recover from the hot and dry summer months. We also spot treat the weeds throughout the lawn.
6. Late FallA fertilizer that is specially blended to promote fall root development and nutrient storage for winter survival.


In addition to all that, we offer these additional services:

→ Grub Control: Grubs are a major threat to your lawn. We apply a preventative grub control to protect the lawn from grub damage.

→ Core Aeration & Overseeding: Soils readily compact and suffocate your grass plants. Core aeration immediately increases the percentage of oxygen in the soil and literally breathes life into your grass plants. This results in a denser, healthier lawn.

→ Surface Insect Control: Ant, flea and tick control to protect the lawn from surface insects.

→ Lime: To help neutralize the pH of the soil.

Other benefits of TLC Lawncare:

→ Free, No Obligation Estimates

→ No Contract Required

→ Discount for Prepayment

→ Monthly Billing

→ Free Service Calls

For answers to all your lawn care questions, contact us today.